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moment to moment s entirely private. >> the lawyers agreed to meet again on tuesday. grace lee agreed to do nothing until then. >> a high school senior from south carolina died after collapsing on the football field during a game. 18-year-old ranna rouse collapsed yesterday. he was able to walk off the of the field with the help of school traders. he collapsed again. the crews begin cpr and try using a defibrillator. the ambulance arrived 15 hours later where his lungs collapsed and then taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. when we return, we're going hear from the game one start or the eve of tomorrow's historic first play-off game. dave ross is on deck with sports. >> and we have some clouds that are heading our way across the region, ladies. guess what, they're going to increase and the forecast for sunday, totally different from today. it will be football weather. the details are coming up in a
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bit. stay with us. 
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. talking about the redskins? >> yeah and some college sports. >> yeah. >> and that is kind of weird around here. maryland has, just say, it's been a rough few years. >> yes, it has. >> for the terps and that is a nice way to put it. and this is about the tariff. no one feared the turtle. they won only two games and this is a new year. they try to get the third win already in five tries. see, people, it's baby steps what we're talking about. the acc opener against lake forest. the second quarter, maryland down 7-6 and got a good looking quarterback, ladies, tory hills to a wide open kevin dorsey w.33 yards and with that eight
11:35 pm
minutes to go and behind 14-13, another freshman and watch what he does. gets to the house. almost, an incredible 63-yard game led to a one-yard touchdown and maryland defeats wake, the third win, already more of last year. how about the hope, hope, hoping high. hey, in chapel hill, what happened to the yankees. usc with the old throwback union and thomas with davis, 39. hope he's all tied up at 14. the good news. the bad news is 4th and quarter. where is the defense, 62 yards and it went worse from there and the hokies fall and give up 48 points to north carolina. i can't believe this, people.
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they lose 38-34. and navy taking on air force in colorado. the navy down by 8 and reynolds on the option and that is a good option. he's going to score and they get the two-point conversion. we're all died up -- died up. go to overtime, the snack is fumbled, the referee signals touchdown and what happened? take another look. the right guard, jake zoo zach is fallling on the ball and this is how he gets the win. 24-21 and one another score, florida beat florida a&m. the bisons are 4-1. congratulations to him. tomorrow, the nats fans getting ready for you read the entire major leagues with 21 wins and we'll take to the mound for the nats when they take on st. louis. he's fired up for the challenge. >> you take it with a smile, you know. the first time ever experiencing this, you know, to
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represent a great organization, such a great rotation, great lineup, you know, and that is unbelievable. to go out there and be the starting pitcher, to let you know what they think about me and how honored and him build i am about it. >> and geo is a class guy and a great acquisition for the organization. no, they don't have steven straussburg. >> yeah. >> but he's an ace in his own life. coming up later, wisdom martin and i go off the wall and let me say that tony perkins. >> oh, no. >> might make a cameo appearance. i can't promise anything. >> okay. >> and we'll explain that. >> looking forward to that. >> thank you, dave. coming up, magician david blaine is at it again. you don't want to miss it and. >> reporter: a preview of a shocking performance. it easy e to manage her finances when she's on thgo. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking.
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. magician -- magician david blaine is about to do another dangerous trick. >> he tarted the -- started the attempt last night and this is the beginning of it. dressed in a special suit and elevated to a 20-foot high platform and standing with a total of 24 hours and crashing between low current, million vote tesla coils. the spectators were entertained. >> and that is beyond impressive. it's amazing. it's the harry houdini sort of vibe. >> and i thank is insane. they say 1 million vols? no one can take that. >> and the past stunts include hanging upside down over central park, being buried alive and the case in a block of ice. >> we all wonder y you know. and what is it made of?
11:42 pm
>> and that became a father recently, too. >> and he's still doing that? >> come on, dude. >> i know. >> and this that is not a problem. he's bringing home the paycheck. he may not like that. >> right. >> and talk about the changing weather. >> yeah. >> my goodness, went from -- and that ended. >> i -- . >> i know. >> and some warmer and cooler days. today, a windy day. gusty winds today across our area, folks and tonight, we're seeing some clouds starting to roll in across the area, and they will continue to increase as we head into the course tonight. be prepared for that and on sunday, it's a cooler day and rain is on the way in the forecast. the temperatures are up and down and be prepared. we have some cooler days and
11:43 pm
warmer days ahead a today was a warmer day. six to 9 degrees above the'sson -- seasonal average and with 80 degrees at reagan international; 77, dulles and 79 degrees at bwi-thurgood marshal airport. the peak winds at the airport, 31, national; 33, dulles and at bwi-thurgood marshal, 29 miles an hour wind gusts and they finally diminish across the area and that is not windy tomorrow either and continuing into the course of tonight and seeing the clouds thicken up into the early hours of tomorrow and into the course of the day temperatures right now, cooler out there and in gaithersburg. 47at martinsburg to the rest and 53 at dulles, 53 at baltimore and fredericksburg to the south. as we look at the national picture, it's a good indication
11:44 pm
where that front sell asmoved through and look at the cooler air behind us. and into the 30s. we're not ready for that yet and this frontal ceo moved out and will push its way towards the east as we move through tonight. as we do what we did last week, there lob linebacker cooler air, significant temperature drop as that, light northerly winds and it's going to end up bringing us wet weather as we see a low pressure system develop across the carolinas and that will get widespread across the region into the course of certainly and there is -- tomorrow. there is a football game happening and that is going to be cold and chilly. and look at the 3:00 hour. i anticipate some of the rain will move in closer that lady, the 10, 11:00

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